Department of Religious Studies

Honors Thesis Format


Consult your thesis advisor for information on when they would like you to submit it to first and second readers. In general, however, thesis are due April 15, by email. This submission is a final draft, but you will be welcome to incorporate any revisions or suggestions from readers before depositing it in the library or submitting it for the McVickar prize.


  • Submit your thesis as a pdf file to your advisor and second reader. 
  • Also send a copy of your thesis to
  • If you also plan to submit to submit your thesis for the McVickar prize, please indicate that in your cover email to Tina Creamer. 
  • In addition, the University requires that you submit a final copy to the Brown Digital Repository. You should submit your thesis after incorporating any revisions that your readers offer after your initial submission.


Title Page

Your cover page and/or the first page after the cover page should contain the following information:

  • The title of the thesis
  • Your name
  • Senior Thesis
  • Department of Religious Studies
  • Adviser (primary adviser's name)
  • Second Reader (second reader's name)
  • The day, the month, and year the thesis is to be submitted

Other Front Matter

You may opt to include a forward or acknowledgements.

Table of Contents

Your thesis should include a list of the chapters and any other sections and the page numbers on which those chapters or sections begin.  

The Text

The thesis text should be double-spaced and pages should be numbered. Footnotes may be single-spaced.  12-point font is preferred.  Black ink should be used to ensure typing or printing of uniform blackness and legibility.  If using a laser printer, it should have a resolution of at least 300 dots per inch. Use a recognized format (e.g., Chicago Manuel of Style for citations and bibliography). 

Additional Information

Like many concentrations at Brown, the Department of Religious Studies requires all of its concentrators to complete a senior capstone project. The capstone project is intended to serve as a culminating experience for the Religious Studies concentration.