Department of Religious Studies

Graduate Student Organization

The Graduate Student Organization for the Department of Religious Studies promotes the development of community in the department across faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate concentrators.

We are committed to actively developing the RS program through skill-based workshops on teaching, negotiating the academic job market, and broader conceptual issues in the academic study of religion. We also work with the Departmental Undergraduate Group to reach out across Brown's campus, putting on public events that help develop critical awareness concerning questions of religion in the global context.

Members of the Grad Student Organization

Additional Information

The primary purpose of this Handbook is to provide information geared to the needs of graduate students at all levels in Religious Studies.
Below is a list of funding opportunities both external and internal that may help with fellowship, research, and other financial support. This isn't a comprehensive list, and will be updated as new financial opportunities become available.

Teaching assistantships are an essential part of the graduate education. In addition to providing graduate students with the opportunity to cultivate their skills as classroom instructors, assistantships also provide students opportunities to receive guidance and mentorship from a faculty member.