Department of Religious Studies

Funding Opportunities

Below is a list of funding opportunities both external and internal that may help with fellowship, research, and other financial support. This isn't a comprehensive list, and will be updated as new financial opportunities become available.

External Funding

(See also the External Funding page on the Graduate School site.)

Internal and Partnered Opportunities

(See also Internal Funding & Appointments on the Graduate School site.)

Center for the Study of Race and Ethnicity; Center for the Study of Slavery and Justice; Haffenrefer Museum;
Institute at Brown for Environment and Society; John Carter Brown Library; John Nicholas Brown Center for
Public Humanities; Joukowsky Institute for Archaeology and the Ancient World; Pembroke Center; University
Library; Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs; Writing Center; etc.

Additional Information

The primary purpose of this Handbook is to provide information geared to the needs of graduate students at all levels in Religious Studies.
Teaching assistantships are an essential part of the graduate education. In addition to providing graduate students with the opportunity to cultivate their skills as classroom instructors, assistantships also provide students opportunities to receive guidance and mentorship from a faculty member.

We offer Ph.D. study in four areas: Asian Religious Traditions, Islam, Society and Culture, Religion and Critical Thought, and Religions of the Ancient Mediterranean.