Department of Religious Studies

After Life

A Religious Studies Graduate Student Conference. April 5-6, 2024

Afterlives ConferenceEngagements with the idea of afterlife often intersect with religious thought and practices. Afterlives are also entwined with anticipation — with the question of what comes next, be that after a radical break, e.g., what might await one after death, or a more gradual change in how something is reconsidered over time, e.g., posthumanism, postcolonialism, etc. Responses to the afterlife within the study of religion and related disciplines raise questions around eschatology, the apocalypse, doctrinal texts, and the hereafter in its various iterations across religions. The spatio-temporal fluidity of the afterlife also invites considerations of instances where religions, related theories and concepts have experienced social, cultural, political, or geographical afterlives.   


Conference participants will have 15 minutes to present. Each panel will include a faculty respondent followed by open Q&A with other participants. 


Sarah Stewart-Kroeker, Princeton Theological Seminary
Friday, April 5th at 6pm | Crystal Room, Alumnae Hall

Niloofar Haeri, John Hopkins University
Saturday, April 6th at 5:15pm | Crystal Room, Alumnae Hall