Department of Religious Studies

Fall 2024


RELS 0060 Antisemitism: A History
M. Satlow
*Students should register for JUDS 0063

RELS 0060E Angels & Demons: Past and Present
S. Olyan
*Students should register for JUDS 0064

REKS 0090A Women and Gender in Ancient Religion
S. Harvey, Th 4-6:30

REKS 0090B Indigenous Ecologies
M. Cladis, M 3-5:30

RELS 0090F Friendship in the Ancient World
S. Olyan, W 3-5:30

RELS/COST 0120 The Chinese Philosophy of Life
L. DiFiori, MWF 10-10:50


RELS 0045/HIAA XXXX Arts of the Sacred and the Demonic in the Ancient Mediterranean
S. Harvey/G. Rodriguez, MWF 12-12:50

RELS/COST 0535 Self Transformation and Transcendence in Later Daoist Contemplative Traditions
L. DiFiori, M 3-5:30

RELS/EAST 0703 Confucianism and its Critics
J. Sawada, T/Th 1-2:20

RELS 0565 Technicians of the Sacred: Mystical Experience and Scientific Analysis
H. Roth, W 3-5:30, Med. Labs T/Th 12-12:50

RELS 0600E Islamic Modernities: Religion, Culture, and Power
N. Khalek, T/Th 1-2:20

RELS 0070H The Parting of the Ways? Questioning Jewish/Christian Difference
J. Han, MWF 10-10:50
*Students should register for JUDS 0608


RELS 1000 Methods in Religious Studies
K. Street, W 3-5:30

RELS 1050I The Talmud
M. Satlow
*Interested students should register for JUDS 1630

RELS 1385 Religion and Postmodernism
A. Willis, Th 4-6:30

RELS 1445/EAST 0409 Sinners and Seers in Japanese Literature
J. Sawada, M 3-5:30

RELS 1995 Senior Capstone Seminar
J. Protass, 3-5:30


RELS 2XXX Readings in Religious Ethics
S. Bush, W 12-2:30

RELS 2000B Method & Theory in the Study of Religion: Interpreting Religion
J. Han, M 12-2:30

RELS 2380A Chinese Buddhist Texts
J. Protass/H. Roth, Th 4-6:30

*Courses subject to change before the start of the Fall semester.


Spring 2025


RELS 0010: Happiness and the Pursuit of the Good Life
M. Satlow, T/Th 2:30-3:50

RELS 0012 The Religious Lives of Everyday People
K. Street, T/Th 2:30-3:50

RELS 0021 Inequality in the Ancient World
S. Olyan, M 3-5:30

RELS 0045 Buddhism and Death
J. Protass, T/Th 10:30-11:50

RELS 0060C The Bible and Moral Debate
S. Olyan
*Students should register for JUDS 0060


RELS 0260 Religion Gone Wild
M. Cladis, T/Th 1-2:20

RELS 0290D Islamic Sexualities
N. Khalek, MWF 1-1:50

RELS 0290H Defense Against the Dark Arts
J. Han, MWF 10-10:50

RELS 1050I The Talmud
M. Satlow
*Students should register for JUDS 1630

RELS 1XXX Black Femme Religions
K. Street, W. 3-5:30

RELS 1325C The Virgin Mary in Christian Tradition
S. Harvey, T/Th 1-2:20

RELS 1600 Ethics of Community
S. Bush, W 3-5:30


2XXX Ethnography of Religion in South Asia
L. Prasad, Th 4-6:30

RELS 2100B Radical Romanticism: Progressive Democratic, Environmental and Religious Traditions
M. Cladis, M 3-5:30

RELS 2640 Graduate Professionalization Seminar
N. Khalek, W 10-12:30

Contemplative Studies
COST 1950 Senior Concentrator Seminar
L. DiFiori, M 3-5:30

University Course Listings
UNIV 1111 Systemic Racism and Modes of Resilience 
A. Willis/T. Rose T/Th 1-2:20